British Lumpwood Charcoal (5kg)

British Lumpwood Charcoal (5kg)
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Just £12.99 plus FREE DELIVERY - Zones 1 and 2. Fuelsell lumpwood charcoal contains only carbonised wood - This produces a clean burning fuel which is easy to light and will not taint your food.


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Fuelsell premium quality lumpwood charcoal is produced in the ancient woodlands of East Anglia. By choosing this charcoal you are not only buying a top quality BBQ fuel which is 100% hardwood, easy to light, producing high, long lasting heat. You are also supporting the sustainable management of some of our most precious woodland habitats.

Fuelsell lumpwood charcoal is made from hardwood managed on a coppice cycle. Coppicing is a truly sustainable ancient system of woodland management which involves cutting trees at ground level and then harvesting the resulting regrowth. This system hugely increases the lifespan of the individual trees, and therefore the woodland. There are trees within the ancient woodlands of Suffolk that have been coppiced every 25 years for well over 800 years and are still going strong!

By allowing light to reach the woodland floor coppicing for charcoal production has the additional benefit of producing a rich and varied wildlife habitat. Once dark and sterile woodlands burst into life with a carpet of wild flowers providing food for bees and butterflies, with the newly invigorated trees providing shelter for a host of woodland birds and mammals.

At present at least 90% of BBQ charcoal used in the UK is imported, shipped vast distances from countries with no systems for positive woodland management. This has resulted in the destruction of vast swathes of important and irreplaceable habitat.

By buying fuelsell lumpwood charcoal you are not only going to have a great BBQ experience, you are also helping to promote a sustainable planet.

Unlike many imported lumpwood and briquette charcoals which are impregnated with volatile petroleum based accelerants to make them flammable, Fuelsell lumpwood charcoal contains only carbonised wood. This produces a clean burning fuel which is easy to light and will not taint your food.

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Why Buy from Fuelsell?

Trust – We are a family-run business and we care which about the service we provide. We are very hands-on and will be happy to discuss your needs either by telephone or by email.

Quality – We are committed to the supply of eco-friendly logs and kindling, sourced from managed woodlands. Our coal and solid fuels are of the best quality and meet the strictest standards.

Reliability – All our fuels are dry stored. Our logs are cut and thoroughly dried in our extensive storage facilities and are ready for immediate use. Our delivery service works 24-seven to meet the demand for our quality multi-fuels.

Fuelsell - big enough to cope, small enough to care.

Fuelsell are a ZERO Waste company as all our wood fuel products are considered C02 neutral. When we use trees respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on earth. Support us in helping to care for our environment.

Our Promise

You will be absolutely delighted with your Fuelsell purchase. 100% guaranteed. Fuelsell is the UK’s most trusted and preferred online multifuel supplier.

By ordering your products from Fuelsell, we can assure you of first class advice and service from our team of professionals, giving you the fuel you require for your heating needs. All products will be delivered direct to your door by one of our friendly drivers.

Fuelsell's range of wood-fuel is sourced from fully traceable local forests so you can rest assured that you are buying an environmentally-friendly product. Give one of our friendly team a call on 01508 548278. For expert help and advice and to make sure you get the correct fuel for your heating needs, call today. You can pay with debit or credit card – it really is as simple as that. Enjoy a real fire – let Fuelsell do all the hard work.

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