All Wood Eco Logs

At Fuelsell we offer customers one of the widest selections of all wood eco logs online. Our Logs are an all-wood product that is simply clean, dry sawdust and shavings that have been mechanically compressed to form a solid Briquette. Eco Logs are an advanced product that can be safely used as a concentrated fuel source in all wood burning heaters and combustion stoves. As there are no chemicals, additives or binders used to hold the logs together, they can also be used as barbeque or chiminea fuel. Eco Logs contain very little moisture to give a very high-energy fire in any situation.

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More information on Eco Logs

There are no binding agents or other additives used in processing of our eco logs, the process works on high temperature and pressure to release the cellulose and lignin within the wood, which in effect binds the particles together. Our environmentally friendly logs can be used solely or mixed with other solid fuels.

They have a long burn time, are clean to handle, have clean flue gasses, leave very little ash (0.5% by volume) and are a CO2 neutral fuel.

This environmentally-friendly fuel is suitable for open fires, wood burners, patio heaters, fire baskets, chimineas, barbeques and closed boilers.

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • C02 Neutral
  • Less than 1% ash remaining
  • Can be used with existing fuels
  • Easy to light
  • Clean to burn
  • No glues or additives, just naturally compressed
  • Made with a mixture of 100% recycled hard and soft wood dust
  • Burns with an attractive flame
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