Kiln-Dried Kindling

Fuelsell's kindling is an environmentally friendly product sourced from sustainable well managed British Forests, meeting all the UK Forestry standards.

Kindling is the No Mess, instant way to get your open fire or wood burning stove alight. Each piece is cut to an ideal, manageable (uniformed) size by our bespoke machinery on site. Our kindling is then packed into convenient and easy to manoeuvre weather proof polythene bags or easy to handle red net carriers.

Chunky Chip - Instant light kindling takes kindling to the next level with no need for extra help at ignition, i.e firelighters as the woodchips are lightly coated in a natural resin. A multi-purpose, all in one wood chip designed to light your fire without the need for separates. All you need is one Match!

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Firepower Firelighters
24 in a box
Firepower FireLogs
Approx 1KG. x10 in a box
Kindling Wood (4.0kg bags)
4.0kg Pre-packed mega-pack large plastic bag.

There's no messing around getting your open fire or wood burning stove alight and roaring up the chimney when you use Fuelsell's pre-packed kindling.

Cut to an ideal, uniform size by our specialist machinery, our kindling is packed into easy-to-handle red net carriers or in weatherproof polythene bags with micro-perforations that allow the product to breathe.

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